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Summary of the 21st International Plastic Pipeline Conference - How to Better Develop China's Plastic Pipeline Industry in the New Situation

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Summary of the 21st International Plastic Pipeline Conference

  The 21st International Plastic Pipeline Conference (PP XXI) was held in Orlando, USA from September 25th to 27th, 2023 local time. There were a total of 92 speeches and reports in the conference, divided into 21 topics, and exchanges were held simultaneously in two venues. The exchange content covers innovation and sustainable development in the plastic pipeline industry; The application of pipelines in gas, water supply, drainage and other systems; Design and testing methods for new plastic pipelines; The future development trend of plastic pipes, etc. In order to fully understand the conference information for the industry, the Secretariat has organized the translation of the abstract of the international plastic pipeline conference paper for everyone's reference.

1B - Infrastructure Quality
How to better develop China's plastic pipeline industry in the new situation

Wang Zhanjie - China Plastics Processing Industry Association

  In the past two years, the plastic pipeline industry in China has faced a complex and ever-changing development situation, with the domestic economy facing pressure from shrinking demand, supply shocks, and weakened expectations, resulting in significant market changes. Combined with the impact of the epidemic and many unfavorable factors, the downward pressure has increased. In the new market environment, the development of China's plastic pipeline industry presents new characteristics. Although the annual output growth is not significant, the volume is still considerable; The concentration of industries is strengthening, and the industrial structure is constantly upgrading; The level of intelligence has been improved, and innovation driven development has reached a higher level; The quality level has improved, green development is becoming increasingly evident, and the industry as a whole is maintaining a stable development trend.
  In 2021, we overcame various impacts and continuously worked hard in the context of economic downturn. The total annual production achieved 16.6 million tons, a year-on-year increase of about 1.5%, and made certain progress in industry technological progress, market expansion, and quality development.
  In the future, while facing new situations, challenges, and opportunities, the plastic pipeline industry in China still has development resilience and potential. New urbanization, rural modernization planning, and the construction of “dual and new” will all bring new opportunities for the development of the industry.
  This article will elaborate on the current development status of China's plastic pipeline industry in the past two years, as well as the difficulties and challenges it is currently facing. It will also explore how the Chinese plastic pipeline industry should respond to new market situations, achieve innovation, move towards green environmental protection, continuously improve its service level, and promote the development of the industry chain in the future.


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About the Special Committee

  The Plastic Pipeline Professional Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association (referred to as the Plastic Pipeline Special Committee of China Plastics Association) is a national plastic pipeline industry association organized by plastic pipeline production enterprises and related units on a voluntary basis across regions, departments, and industries.
  Under the leadership of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, this special committee actively carries out work in the plastic pipeline industry, fully leveraging the bridge and link role of communication between enterprises, governments, and users. It actively conveys and implements national policies and guidelines, reflects industry demands, carries out relevant activities, and guides and promotes the sustainable and high-quality development of this industry.
  The main work of this committee is:
  Build a bridge and link for communication between plastic pipeline enterprises, government, and users, guide the industry to work together, and promote coordinated, scientific, healthy, green, and high-quality development of the plastic pipeline industry.
  Our committee's information platform:
  WeChat official account: Pipeline Industry Alliance of Pipeline Committee of China Plastics Association
  Contact information of this committee:
  Address: Room 613, Block D, Greenland Central Plaza, Xinghua Street, Daxing District, Beijing
  Telephone: 010-67587559, 010-87509726
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